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If your computer is driving you crazy and you've found this website,
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Straight to it. Unfortunately this information can't help everyone. It is simply impossible. This website is not advertised nor is any time spent spreading it around online. So if you stumbled across it searching for something relevant, or it arrived in your email as a message sent out to existing clients to let their friends, family or co-workers in on it, consider this a great find.

The process of making an ultimate computer takes time. There are no shortcuts and there is not enough time to do a constant stream of machines. But the information alone will still be well worth the visit.

Things here will be explained without a load of techno mumbo-jumbo or terms that will confuse or leave you puzzled and frustrated. Instead, It will be kept as clear as possible so that you can make an educated decision. So, sit back and enjoy your visit.

A bit about Computers:

All operating systems, Mac, Windows and anything else, are out-of-the-box suppressed, invasive and bloated. Especially when pre-installed with a notebook, desktop, tablet or even phone.

Some reasons why...

Software you don't want or need is included and can grow like a cancer.

The user interface and experience is lousy and way more cluttered than necessary

There are many unnecessary system and memory resource robbing things happening in the         background that can be disabled or removed entirely.

Your privacy is the LAST thing anyone is concerned with. In fact, operating systems and software of all types invade your privacy unless dealt with.

Antivirus software like Norton, McAffe and Kaspersky for example, are huge applications that need to be tamed to do their job without affecting a systems performance. In fact, you don't even need to use or spend money on these clumsy products year after year and can still remain secured for free with software that is much lighter on system resources, is included in the operating system and does the same or a better job of taking care of viruses and intrusions if used and setup properly.

Whatever device you are on is performing worse than it is capable of due to some of these reasons and therefore you're not only at risk of losing data or being hacked, you're not even getting the performance and security you paid for and expect. Even the cheapest, slowest computers manufactured today are far more powerful in speed and capacity than the average user understands or needs. Because of this, people overspend on computers wasting their money and never get to enjoy the full experience and performance these devices are capable of delivering.

The next time you find yourself standing in front of a row of laptops or desktop computers somewhere trying to decide what to purchase know this... Every unit you are looking at is basically housing the same major components by the same manufactures. The only true difference in quality is the chassis and motherboard that all things such as hard drive, memory chips and processors are attached to.

Of the common types of components installed by these major manufacturers, there are brands that are better than others. That's part of the "no techno mumbo-jumbo" you will be spared of here. Enough of that.

Everyone you encounter that builds, sells, services or whatever else with computers will seem like they really know their stuff. Some do. Most don't and may convince you to let them handle your sale, build or service. It's happening right now. Treat your computer exactly the same way you do your purse, wallet or briefcase. Today computers have unfortunately become most people’s livelihood, entertainment, personal memory capsules, financial hubs and more. So just be wise and choose who accesses your device and data carefully.

The computer industry is, and has always been a place where the average consumer has and continues to be targets and victims of overpriced hardware, overcharged service and vulnerable to scams by a lot of companies and individuals that can make a quick buck without any conscience or concern for someone's data or privacy. It's hated when a new client arrives after being somewhere for service and told that their hard drive was corrupt or dead and needed to be replaced or wiped to fix a problem which resulted in the total loss of their data such as important or crucial documents, personal photos, or even replaceable things like music or movies that took long to accumulate. When they have to be told there was a simple fix, or the original hard drive is still installed and wasn't replaced, well, you get the point. That has been encountered many times over the years. There is never an excuse to destroy someone's data. Again, be wise and choose carefully.

Lastly, this can go on here forever but will be left at that for now. More will be added to this section in the future when the inspiration calls.

Now What?

Creepy. So now what?

Your can enjoy all the things computing technology and the internet have to offer like shopping, online banking, making reservations, doing business or whatever else you please without having to worry about it. But, there is a small learning curve and a few rules you MUST follow in order to enjoy that peace of mind and never become a victim of viruses or cybercrime. You can learn a great deal about how to protect yourself properly at which describes Ransomware in detail. A good read.

Now we can get into what you can do to make your computing life better, faster, safer, more reliable and enjoyable than ever before.

A few more things first.



Learning how to get computers and operating systems to run, look and perform perfectly didn't happen quickly. It's a continuous, evolving process that has taken decades of testing, trial and error, diagnosing, tweaking, customizing, building, repairing, installing hardware and software, battling viruses and so much more.


Build & Setup

Anyone can assemble components and get a computer up and running or take a mass produced unit and get it fired up and online. The mistake most people make at no fault of their own is trusting that their computer is going to be safe and do just what they want or expect it to.


Young & Old

Computers purchased from major distributors are expected to be sold to anyone between the ages of 8 to 80. So to avoid support or returns, things have to be left wide open introducing security holes, software conflicts and performance degradation that would otherwise make the user experience, here it is again, better, faster, safer and more reliable.



Customization starts with knowing what the user will be using the computer for. Some individuals may need security methods in place simply because of company policy even though they really don't need certain things installed that just slow system performance. Every situation is different and that's how your computer should be too.



Some computers get purchased to be shared by multiple users of all ages in a household or in an office environment. That just asks for trouble. The truth is, even in those situations a machine can be optimized and configured to perform as best as it possibly can and still remain secure.

Trumpet Blast


"why are there no pictures of computers anywhere?"

My goodness. How the..?

1: Before anything begins, your entire PC will be backed up in the exact state it is in. This way, if for some reason you were to freak out at how perfect and glorious everything becomes and simply can't handle it and slip into some sort of "This is too good and I just can't take it" panic attack, your system can be reverted to its previous state. Nothing gets lost or changed from its original state if restored. Nothing.

2: The magic begins either locally or remotely. If done remotely, you can actually sit back and watch each and every step of the process happen "Live" and even ask any questions or pause the process if necessary provided of course that you as well are nocturnal and enjoy watching dawn appear to then run and hide in a dark place for a good rest. Night is good.

3: After the entire process of making your computer an Ultimate Computer is complete, another full backup of your system is created in its new and perfect state so you can then freely begin using your newly optimized and secured computer without worrying as it can be restored back to its new perfect state at any time in the future if necessary.

4: Once you submit a request for The Ultimate Computer service and your system can successfully be scheduled in, you will be provided with a list of very credible businesses you can locate online to verify as references you may contact. It is encouraged. If necessary, machines can be shipped in and out as well.

Below are before and after cosmetic examples of Windows 10. The amount of installed applications and desktop wallpaper images would obviously be different for each person but the general idea is displayed. Screen resolutions would be set to each individuals preference. All desktop files (clutter) would be put into a single folder on the desktop called "DeskTop BoX" which can be easily accessed without having to look at a pile of files all over the desktop instead of a nice image of yourself! Or a unicorn?


This service is available locally or anywhere in the world. All that is required is a stable high-speed internet connection, a phone call or e-meeting for your free required consultation, your trust and of course, a beloved family member or pet for payment. And if you prefer, we also accept PayPal and all major bank e-Transfers.

The machines used here as you would expect, with designing and building of websites, graphics, general office work, audio and video production, massive collections of images, video and music, client files of all types and so much more, could system conflicts, viruses and performance issues be tolerated? Never.

In full honesty, never are viruses received here unless purposely seeked out and launched to play with and develop quick removal solutions. There is also never a need to worry about losing data due to attacks by malicious sources or normal hardware failures.

Backing up your data, and NOT just to "The Cloud", properly and regularly to multiple sources is the only way to sleep without ever dealing with the thought or nightmare of a data loss catastrophe.


Please Remember...
As mentioned at the beginning, there is no way to guarantee that this service can be performed on a large volume of systems in short time frames. So while it would be great to provide the service on a mass scale, it's impossible. But please note that each and every inquiry will be answered and every attempt will be made to service clients realistically and quickly.

If your machine can't be done immediately, an attempt to schedule a time that works best will be made. A price will be quoted for your service after the free consultation as all businesses, individuals, hardware and systems vary and depending on these factors require different amounts of time to complete.

And finally...

After many years, inspiration to do this is hard to come by anymore. There was a time when the challenge was attractive and there was no problem with building and configuring custom machines that left clients satisfied and amazed.

But life moves on with an amazing family with needs to be fulfilled and futures to be built. With other new and interesting ventures in progress that require a lot of time and resources, the thought of dropping this service from daily workloads is welcomed. But, no matter how much the thought of never building or performing this service on another computer is entertained, it will  never really stop.

Clients will continue to be taken on because like other existing passions that consume time and energy, some things just need to get done. After all these years each and every client computer is treated with the same respect. As I said earlier, there are no shortcuts to this special process. New hardware, drivers and additional requested or necessary software needs to be added and setup properly to every new or existing system too. No individual gets special treatment ... Everyone does.

The information here is not meant to scare anyone. It's meant to educate you more on the power available to you at your fingertips and the risks of being careless or overly trusting of your data by computers and who handles it.

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